6 Reasons to join the MBA program at GEA College

Have you been contemplating about your next career step? Do you feel somewhat stuck?
Have you considered MBA but still have some questions unanswered?
Do you see yourself as a future leader and would like to enhance and enrich your existing skills and competences?

Up to 46% higher
salaries within 3 years
from graduation.

80% of graduates
immediately get

MBA, an international business graduate degree, is a proven educational format which dates back over a hundred years. In the business world, an MBA degree carries a lot of weight, and this is supported by statistics. The GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council) reports that 81 percent of companies surveyed confirmed that they are looking for new staff among MBA graduates who are increasingly present and recognized in managerial positions.

Why MBA at GEA College?

The MBA program at GEA College, in cooperation with the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), is designed to equip future leaders with the knowledge and experience to accelerate and further develop a successful business career. It allows students to acquire a variety of personal and interpersonal skills and competencies throughout their studies.

Students gain necessary and priceless practical and theoretical knowledge from our international faculties, which are chosen for their ability to combine academic excellence and international business experience. These lecturers are committed to bring global content and real-life experience into the classroom.

1. Tradition and longevity

The MBA program at UNYP has a strong tradition of 17 years, with over 400 MBA graduates from more than 20 different countries from all over the world.

UNYP is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and also a member of CEEMAN, which we follow for the purpose of observing best practices in teaching business education in other regions of the world.

2. Foreign faculty

Our lecturers, who all come from different backgrounds, have one thing in common, and that is incredibly valuable experience and knowledge from business world. This is what they pass on to the new MBA generations in the most practical way.

Let us introduce two of them:

Dr. Carlos Davidovich

Carlos Davidovich, executive and performance coach, is a neuromanagement expert with more than 15 years of executive coaching experience across Spain, Luxemburg, Central Europe, UK, USA and Canada. He is professor in NeuroManagement at the University of New York in Prague’s MBA program, a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management EMBA program. He also has more than 20 years of international business experience as a pharmaceutical executive.

Ludmila Lytkina

Ludmila Lytkina has over 20 years of experience as a Marketing Director in FMCG, retail, technology and services. As an independent marketing and brand management consultant, she has developed brand strategies for top companies in these industries (LG, Danone, Erste Bank, MegaSport, Ferrero, etc.). She has also worked as business developer for local and international clients in Ukraine and Belarus, like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Osram, Samsung, Nokia, etc.
Mrs. Lytkina has also established her own Brand Management school in Belarus, where she trains entrepreneurs in Brand Management strategies for their products and services.

3. Partnership with UNYP

GEA College – the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), a reputable and largest business school teaching in English in the Czech Republic, has signed a collaboration and implementation agreement for the MBA program. This partnership is certainly a step forward in the Slovenian educational space, as the two business schools will join forces to educate and empower future leaders.

Katja Kraškovic, GEA College Manager

“The collaboration between us and the UNYP means that we believe in the power of networking. Many hands make light work and our partnership surely confirms that. The fact that foreign lecturers with experience from all over the world will come to Ljubljana also gives greater weight to the collaboration. I look forward to these interactions, to the fresh perspective and, above all, to being able to share this with the participants of the program.”

4. Small study groups

The program is ideally suited for working professionals who do not have the option of taking considerable time off work to further their studies. All courses are run on weekends, allowing students to continue work while pursuing their MBA degree.

Our study groups of maximum 15 students per class are small enough for faculties to manage an individual approach, but still big enough for students to experience quality networking.

Kyrylo Kovalevski, MBA student at UNYP

The MBA program gives you an opportunity to discuss successes and failures, share experiences, resolve moral dilemmas, work on case studies and interact closely with your fellow students. This was missing from the bachelor program that I was attending.

5. Two ALUMNI Clubs

One of the most important aspects of our MBA program is networking. Establishing a strong professional network with other high performers is possibly the most important outtake of our MBA students.

Having the opportunity to join both GEA College and UNYP ALUMNI clubs opens the door for various potential partnerships, collaborations and successful stories.

Sotiris Karagiannis, Graduate Business Program Manager

“Since the first MBA was started at Harvard back in 1908, demand for this master’s program has always been very high, placing it among the most popular programs globally. Contrary to other academic programs that are more research-focused, the MBA is a hands-on, professional degree that gives students the opportunity to develop skills they can apply at work immediately. Studying for an MBA, you will be exposed to a diverse learning environment where both teachers and students come from different cultures and professional backgrounds. This is one of the most important advantages of MBA, since there is rich exchange of ideas and experiences, allowing you to widen your perspective and even start a new career or develop your own business concept.”

6. Master's title

After completing our MBA program, you have a chance to attain a master’s title. This can be done by mastering few more exams and by preparing a master’s thesis at GEA College’s master‘s degree program.

Who is the GEA College MBA program for?

The program will certainly be an added value to your career. It has been designed for ambitious people who wish to quickly move up through the ranks of their corporation by attaining the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge to become the best leaders and managers. Our candidates are professionals with a proven record of success in global industries, such as the fast-moving consumer goods industry, the financial services or from successful entrepreneurs who have turned a business idea into a profitable business.

The study

Students have full access to our comprehensive library with a wide selection of different literature, Wi-Fi, GVIN BI platform and to ALUMNI at GEA College and UNYP.

MBA Empowering Future Leaders is an 18-month program, with courses of a total of 36 in-class delivery hours spread over two weekends. Students also attend one course in Prague.

You will complete your MBA degree in 18 months. In the first 14 months you will be attending classes of compulsory courses, followed by 4 months of consultancy project with a mentor.

14 months of compulsory courses

4 months of consultancy projects

18 Months for the MBA program


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