Hello! Welcome to our page, where you can learn firsthand valuable information about our new MBA program. We asked three MBA students, two faculty members and an alumni to share their experience with us. We really want you to get real answers to your questions from real people.

So, are you ready to learn how they manage to balance their MBA and personal lives? What skills do they like to teach the most? Or how the MBA helped them to become more efficient at work?

Check the videos below!


What is it really like to be an MBA student?
Three MBA students share their experiences with you! Find out more in our videos!
What were main reasons to enroll in MBA?
What is the most challenging for a student at the beginning of MBA program?
What is most fun about the study?
What are your expectations regarding your career after you will have finished MBA program?
Did you encounter any issues with incorporating a study in your day-to-day schedule?
Learn what skills our students are expecting to gain during the MBA study!


Why are all TOP companies hiring MBA graduates? What key skills do they have?
Our MBA lecturers have the answers in the following videos.
What are the main challenges in translating practical knowledge into more theoretical one?
How do you manage to keep pace in classrooms with fast changing business environment?
Do you, because of teaching, also evolve your business skills/leadership skills?
How does the worth of an MBA reflect in companies and society?
What skills do you like to teach the most that will come relevant in the future?
What is the most attractive benefit of an MBA?


Would you like to learn how the MBA porgram can help improve your work efficiency? How you can find the right balance between your personal and MBA life? Or perhaps find out what uselful skills can be learnt on our MBA program?

Find out more useful information from our alumni Berk Temuroglu in videos below!

Did MBA meet your expectations?

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