In order for the business to flourish and to achieve exceptional results, the team and the company need a top leader. What are the CHARACTERISTICS that distinguish exceptional leaders from regular ones?
Some of the key skills include different ways of facing and solving problems; difficult decision-making and adaptation etc.
In this blog we explore some of the key features and examine them in more detail.


1. They know how to react in crisis situations.

Crisis can occur at any time – it can be a larger one, such as natural disasters, economic recession, social unrest, war, pandemics, and the like; or it can be the kind fo a crisis that is caused by problems arising within a company that need to be solved ASAP.

In such moments, it is extremely important for a leader to remain calm and take control of the situation; to make appropriate and quick decisions; and then to clearly communicate them to their team. A true leader will not panic, but will instead seek solutions.

Another characteristic of successful leaders is also their ability to use a crisis situation for improvements in their team and for possible work reorganization.


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2. They are confident, but not arrogant

Leaders’ self-confidence attracts people around them, as it gives them the feeling anything can be achieved. At the same time, it enables the leaders to believe in themselves and in their decisions – as a result of which they are able to adopt optimal solutions both within the team and for the company, but still stay grounded. The self-confidence of the leader has a binding effect on the members of their team and thus enables them to lead with credibility.

On the other hand, arrogance can lead to over-confidence about one’s knowledge, abilities and power, which can make leaders lose touch with reality, consequently leading to ill-considered decisions.
In addition, the leader’s arrogance repels both his superiors and subordinates, as well as potential customers.

Exceptional leaders know the difference between self-confidence and arrogance and they are aware when it is wise to listen to other people’s opinions or learn from them.

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3. They protect their team members

Leaders who are willing to take a hit and protect their team, thus earn credibility and, as a result, their team members’ loyalty.

Exceptional leaders have their team’s back and know how to take responsibility for the whole team, but on the other hand don’t transfer the blame for their mistakes onto others. They also know how to accept their own mistakes with healthy self-confidence.

In addition, it means a lot to exceptional leaders that their colleagues feel safe and protected. That is why they stand up for their rights, which includes respecting the rights of employees and their dignity and providing support and assistance in stressful situations, as well as ensuring a safe working environment.

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4. They are optimistic but remain grounded

Optimism or a positive attitude is an important character trait of an excellent leader, however, it is important that they remain grounded and ready to face the real challenges. An excessive optimism would lead to hasty decisions or false expectations.

Positive but realistic leaders make decisions based on solid data and analysis – not based on feelings or enthusiasm.
At the same time, they are open to adaptation when unexpected obstacles arise – and it is precisely the ability to adapt that is the key to success in an always-changing business environment.

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5. They cultivate creativity

Although it is important for the leader to have the final say in decision-making process, it is also crucial that he includes the opinions of his team members throughout the process.

Exceptional leaders are aware that it is sometimes difficult to find new solutions if the work is carried out according to already established and familiar principles. Therefore, they are open to new ideas and know how important they are for the success of the company. They encourage creativity as well as the development and realization of new ideas.

A safe work environment creates conditions in which each individual member feels valued and respected, which enables creativity  creativity brings new ideas and new solutions  these in turn lead to better business results.


In addition to the above, exceptional leaders also regularly give feedback (both good and the inevitable bad), use the word ‘we’ instead of the word ‘I’, they know how to manage their time in such detail that their calendar looks like a Tetris of obligations, etc. 

How about you, do you use any of the listed skills in your work?
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