Kyrylo Kovalevski works as a manager at Itadel A/S for Service Support Center in Czech Republic. Past 6 years has been working in IT industry and specialize in IT Service Management, IT Operations, Automation and Customer Service. Lead outsourced deliveries in global and multicultural context.

He is also an MBA student at UNYP.

What brought you to Prague?

When I have moved to Prague 6 years ago due to an employment offer. I did not realize that Prague was such a vibrant place, which has perfect mix of culture, history, international environment and development opportunities. Prague attracts talent from across the world, which did not go unnoticed by a lot of international companies who open their subsidiaries in the modern business centers across the capital. I quickly realized that it is the place to be right now especially if you are in IT sector.


When did you start thinking about joining the MBA? What was the trigger?

Due to organizational changes couple of years ago, I had a pleasure of temporarily reporting to Vice President of Support Services. I was invited for a one-on-one conversation to discuss further personal development. After going over regular aspirations for certifications and leadership courses, we have briefly touched MBA. He has shared his experience with me and it made me realize something important. In order to lead larger departments and achieve higher level of responsibility it is necessary to have general overview of financial management, corporate governance and more broad knowledge on how to run a company. I understood that it might be an important step for personal and career development.

What inspires you the most career wise?

My biggest passion is to build dedicated teams who can drive successful business. It brings me huge joy to see teams come together, set aside their differences and find that spirit to deliver great projects while having fun. It is never easy leading a team, there are always smaller conflicts and disagreements, but I truly enjoy assisting my employees to move past the differences and find compelling goal to strive to.


What changes would you make in bachelors programs now that you’ve experienced MBA?

I have graduated from a bachelor program in Ukraine with mostly traditional delivery methods (lectures, labs, etc.). MBA program provides you an opportunity to discuss successes and failures, share experiences, resolve moral dilemmas, work on case studies and interact closely with your fellow students. I think this is something that was missing from the bachelor program that I was attending.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to find myself working in a company with a global outreach leading cross-functional international projects in innovative field, inspire and involve my managers, who would do the same with their employees.